City At Night Is Opening Its Sibling Bar Called ‘Afterlight’ Next Thursday

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City At Night Is Opening Its Sibling Bar Called ‘Afterlight’ Next Thursday

Throughout the years, it's been a sincere pleasure witnessing the growth of the beloved City At Night bar. Countless events have been hosted at this intimate venue, grabbing the interest of a diverse crowd of individuals. Whether you are a music lover, dance enthusiast, or simply an adventure seeker, you can always count on this site to satisfy your desires. Perhaps this is why the community that assembles there feels more like family rather than acquaintances. In other words, it's a home to many...

Despite the challenges the staff has been faced with, such as a pesky pandemic, they have overcome these obstacles with admirable grace. Their perseverance is undeniably unmatched and has resulted in ongoing triumphs. They say, "when you focus on the good, the good gets better," and this couldn't be more true in their case. These bumps in the road have only made their team that much stronger and even more passionate. As such, they believe it was a fitting moment in time to expand their abilities into a brand-new undertaking.

Mark your calendars; on Thursday, June 9, 2022, City At Night will officially be opening its sibling bar! Christened Afterlight, the underground lounge & listening bar will welcome some of the Canadian Capital's most prominent DJs/producers. These highly-anticipated events will take place exclusively on week nights, notably Tuesday through Thursdays. Participants will have the opportunity to try a variety of cocktails, natural wines, and snacks - not to mention, it's an ideal destination for downtowners after sunset. 

We couldn't be more proud of the hardworking team behind this fresh venture (S/O Jordan & Makayla). In particular, we want to extend our appreciation to Farid Dagher, mastermind behind these projects. His sheer passion for all things music, support of the community, and praiseworthy work ethic have not only been beneficial to his own visions, but subsequently rewarded his followers. We absolutely can't wait to experience Afterlight next week, and equally hope you will join us during its thrilling unveiling. Lastly, be sure to give their official socials a follow to stay in the loop!



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