[Watch] Calvin Harris Streamed a Historic Love Regenerator Set

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[Watch] Calvin Harris Streamed a Historic Love Regenerator Set

This past weekend, our screens were blessed with an endless wave of livestreamed virtual events. As such, viewers from across the globe were faced with the difficult task of choosing which sets they should tune into. Seriously, by simply scrolling through one's Facebook Timeline, we were met with just as many conflicts as a festival lineup! As a result, virtual party goer were forced to jump back and forth between streams in order to catch glimpses of their favourite artist's performance. However, even the most tech-savvy of ravers weren't able to see all their desired acts...Consequently, many artists alongside event promotion companies have started to upload the sets online. 

Among the treasured performances, we discovered that Calvin Harris uploaded his jaw-dropping Love Regenerator live stream, making history as the first set of Harris' project, ever! The over hour and twenty minute virtual concert featured several of his new Love Regenerator tracks, including 'Song Music Is Moving' and 'Song Don’t You Want Me' both featuring Eli Brown. In addition, the Scottish producer expertly incorporated cuts from Will Clarke, Skream, Sander van Doorn, Firebeatz, and more! Relive his historic set below. We know we'll be keeping this one on loop for years to come!

Calvin Harris - Love Regenerator Livestream



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