[Listen] BSOD Is Back With a Four-Track EP Called 'No Way, Get Real'

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[Listen] BSOD Is Back With a Four-Track EP Called 'No Way, Get Real'

Last month, we reported Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5, TESTPILOT) and Steve Duda were gearing up for the return of BSOD. The electronic group was first formed as a joke back in 2005, and could be short for Blue Screen of Death or Better Sounding on Drugs. One thing is certain, BSOD is back, better than ever!

In the past, the longtime friends teased something called 'No Way, Get Real' - however, it was unclear whether it would be a single, EP, or an album. Today, the mystery is solved as the DJ duo welcome a four-track EP on mau5trap, marking their first release in over six years!

Living up to their distinct sounds, BSOD has created four captivating instrumentals. 'AllPassing Lane', 'Afterburner', 'Fives' and 'Pitches Love Me', will instantly transport you into a world fit for the most outrageous video game of all time! Be sure to give it a listen below, or via your preferred streaming platform here. Let us know what you think via our official social media channels.


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