[Breaking News] FISHER Asks Longtime Girlfriend To Marry Him

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[Breaking News] FISHER Asks Longtime Girlfriend To Marry Him

This afternoon, Paul Nicholas Fisher, known by the stage name FISHER, truly has us 'Losing It'. The Australian music producer has recently announced his exciting engagement to longtime girlfriend, Chloe Chapman.

If you've been following the fish for a while now, you know that his relationship with Chapman goes way back. They were both sponsored surfers and got swept up in each other waves, despite rumours that the musician could not be tamed.

After years of pure bliss and success, it seems only fitting for the goofy lovebirds to finally tie the knot. Their undeniable sense of adventure is contagious - and we are overjoyed to see the happy couple undertaking one of the biggest steps in life yet!

There are no doubts in anyone's minds that these two sincerely care about each other - it radiates through the clip! 

Check out the adorable proposal below:


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