[Breaking News] Daft Punk Is Back After a 7-Year Hiatus!

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[Breaking News] Daft Punk Is Back After a 7-Year Hiatus!

It's no far stretch to say that 2020 is full of surprises! Today, we're ecstatic to report one of the biggest revelations of the year has presented itself...In an interview with Repubblica, the Italian film director Dario Argento confirmed Daft Punk has reached out to collaborate on his next film, Occhiali Neri (aka Black Glasses). That's right, Flag fam; after a whopping seven-year hiatus, the beloved French electronic music duo will be making their triumphant return!

"They are my admirers, they know all my cinema," Argento stated, according to a translated version in Exclaim! "They heard from French friends that I was shooting a new film and called me [to say], "We want to work with you." He continued by sharing they will be sending him the first tracks shortly and will make a visit to Rome when the travel ban gets lifted, while also noting the duo think his script is one of his "most interesting."

While it's not a new album, we'll take what we can get from these musical geniuses! Would you believe that their last studio album Random Access Memories was released in 2013? It included one of their hits 'Get Lucky' featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers, and it's been permanently stuck in our heads ever since we first heard it! Who knew it would be foreshadowing for the future - we're feeling luckier than ever following this news! Furthermore, it will be a welcomed blessing to hear more of their instant chart-climbers in the future. 


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