Remove Your Bassnectar Tattoos for Free At This Las Vegas Shop

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Remove Your Bassnectar Tattoos for Free At This Las Vegas Shop

Like many of you, we have been following the explosive lawsuit filed against Bassnectar. The American DJ is facing charges for human trafficking and sexual abuse - not to mention, the long list of additional allegations to his name. 

Recently, we shared reports in relation to this case to our official pages. Since then, our Flag fam has expressed their sentiments and has even gone as far as to upload their Bassnectar tattoos that they had gotten done in the past.

Once a big name in the scene, it's no surprise his army of followers wanted to show their support in a permanent way. However, with the shocking lawsuit coming to light, tatted fans are undoubtedly regretting their ink.

Luckily, Christian Jones, the owner of "judgment-free laser clinic" called Ink Busters, announced that his Las Vegas tattoo shop will remove Bassnectar's DJ logo for free. He's even gone as far to say he is "happy to work on any and all sizes."

"In light of recent developments and the utter shame Bassnectar has brought upon on the electronic music community, we will be offering free removals of his logo at our studio Ink Busters," Jones wrote in a social media post.

It's small acts of kindness like Jones' that remind us that we should all do our part to make the world a more positive place. We all have talents and skills - it's never too late to start utilizing them for the better good. How will you contribute for a better tomorrow? 



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