Bass Ship #4 Is Gearing Up to Kick-Start Your New Year's Festivities

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Bass Ship #4 Is Gearing Up to Kick-Start Your New Year's Festivities

Mark your calendars, ravers, because on December 29, 2018, Bass Ship #4 will be making their triumphant return.

If you were one of the lucky attendees that have had the opportunity to participate in this one of a kind event, you know that this year's edition is one that you will not want to miss!

Here at The Flag Gang, we truly believe that there is nothing more special than uniting through music. Trust us, the upcoming event will bring our slogan "break borders and party together" to a whole new level!

We strongly encourage that you grab a neck brace because the undeniably talented Illenium will be headlining the fest, alongside SLANDER.

If these impeccable acts weren't enough to satisfy your bass needs, perhaps the impressive list of performers will.

Whipped Cream, SAYMYNAME, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, SVDDEN DEATH, YAKZ, Milas, and a very special B2B performance by AFK and Kompany will have you head banging all night long.

LOUD X Clear in collaboration with Beachclub and Showkase have been hard at work to deliver a truly memorable bass-filled event.

If you're ready to kick-start your New Year's festivities, grab your tickets here. You won't regret it!

PS: If you see us at the event, we'd love for you to come and say "hey", and/or to snap a selfie. We love meeting our supporters and look forward to the many adventures in store for 2019.

Much love! –TFG


Brittany Provost

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