Bargz' Gearing up to Perform at the Trance Unity Rave in Loving Memory of His Best Friend

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Bargz' Gearing up to Perform at the Trance Unity Rave in Loving Memory of His Best Friend


Do you know, or have you ever known, someone who would do everything in their power to push you to be the best possible version of yourself that you could be? For Ramy Barghoud, owner/operations and bookings at Monkey BuzinezZThierry Elian was that person. When the two first met, they formed an inseparable bond and consistently encouraged each other to strive for greatness. Unfortunately, after years of friendship, Elian passed away in March of 2012, a few weeks shy of his 27th birthday.

Following his passing, the earth-shattering void that was left behind was inexplicable. Elian was the type of person who would instantly light up a room and make you feel special. Recently, Barghoud pushed through the darkness to announce he‘d be taking over the decks at the Trance Unity Rave in Montreal. This will mark the first, and only, time, that he will perform in front of a live audience, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling his best friend’s one last wish.  

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, Trance Unity will be making its triumphant return to Circus for its highly anticipated sixth edition. Attendees can expect 13-hours of non-stop trance from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Ferry Corsten, Jam El Mar, Ashley Wallbridge, Ruben de Ronde, Mark Sherry, John 00 Fleming, 4 Strings, Sheridan Grout, Niles Baxter, and many more! The venue will be separated into four different areas: the HellHeaven, Earth and Classics rooms, guaranteed to offer a diverse and unique experience for all.

Although this event will be exceptional, for many reasons, Barghoud's recent unveiling has wiggled its way to the top of many people's must-see lists. Having met Elian at 13-years-old on the basketball court of their school, to their families moving to Montreal at the same time from Lebanon, their paths always seem to coincide. Bargz confirmed that "T" (Thierry) was always his biggest supporter, especially when it came to his musical ventures. When Bargourd started to learn how to mix, when he launched his own radio show in 2008, when he began to work in the dance music scene in Montreal, you name it - T was consistently there for him.

"He’d always push for me to play a live show. I was never interested in doing so. I was only mixing and recording my sets for the pleasure of music." 

When asked about what drove him to perform at the upcoming Trance United Rave as opposed to the other opportunities presented in the past, Barghoud explained he felt like it was the right time. It was very difficult for him to accept the fact that his best friend was no longer around. He continued by sharing that it was only in the last year that he was able to come to terms with it and he felt that granting T that one last wish was what he needed to do.

Moreover, Trance Unity will not allow any photos and/or videos to be taken during the event. This policy will allow Barghoud to focus on the moment, instead of wondering where the cameras are. He continued by jokingly stating, "if I f*ck up, no one will have proof!" In addition, Bargz is billed to play in the Classics room, which will allow him to freely play, ensuring to include all of T's favourite tracks. Furthermore, music is what kept their friendship going strong, therefore, he couldn't think of a more perfect way to honour him!

We'll be counting down the days until we get to see this historic moment take place. We have no doubts that T will be behind the decks, cheering on his longtime friend and radiating sheer happiness to see that his last wish was, finally, fulfilled. Every day, we are blown away by the true power of music. It brings people together - even those who can't physically be here with us. Will you be there to witness the magic unfold? 


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