An Unreleased 1998 Liveset by Tiesto Has Been Discovered on a Cassette Tape

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An Unreleased 1998 Liveset by Tiesto Has Been Discovered on a Cassette Tape

    What would you say if we told you that we managed to dig up the legendary Tiesto's oldest liveset ever recorded? Well, hold that thought, and prepare to unleash it to the world, because we did exactly that!

    That's right, The Flag Gang army, this is not a drill! The rave Gods have blessed us with over an hour of old school content that was stashed away on a cassette tape from 1998; do remember those incredible pieces of technology?

    As you can imagine, the overall quality of Philips' groundbreaking invention, 21-years later, doesn't meet the technical and digital standards that we are used to in 2019. That said, some parts were, tragically, damaged and unlistenable.

    Although the legendary producer has recently celebrated his 50th birthday, we believe that we are the ones to score the ultimate gift! In celebration of his exciting milestone, we encourage you to listen to this outstanding discovery; we are positive that you will appreciate the throwback to the early days of the musical genius' career.

    Happy listening! 

    Decoded Official Track List (To Date): 

    1. Phi Phi & Greg D. ‎– 'A Friend Called Phi Phi (666 Virgo Mix)'
    2. Tilt vs. Paul van Dyk - 'Rendez-vous (Quadraphonic Mix)'
    3. ID (Part of track got lost due to damaged tape)
    4. York - 'The Big Brother Is Watching You (Mix 1)'
    5. ID
    6. Two Full Minds - 'No Smoke (Deep Deep Dap)'
    7. ID
    8. Killer Loop - 'Blue Hour'
    9. ID
    10. ID
    11. ID
    12. Vincent De Moor - 'Orion City (Original Mix)'
    13. Delegate vs. Emo-Trance - 'Return to Tasmania'
    14. Lustral - 'Everytime (Nalin & Kane Remix)'
    15. Sunday Club - 'Healing Dream'
    16. Malcolm McLaren - 'Bell Song (Lakme Dub)'
    17. Distant Drum - 'Distant Drums'
    18. ID (most of the track got lost due to tape damage)
    19. Taucher - 'Waters (Phase III)'
    20. Taucher - 'Atlantis (Phase III)'
    Source: Reddit User  mrzangief via this link.  


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