Above & Beyond Announces Acoustic III Tour & Album In Support of One Tree Planted

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Above & Beyond Announces Acoustic III Tour & Album In Support of One Tree Planted

Pre-sale Tickets

Ever since Above & Beyond was formed in 2000, the trio has gained international recognition and continued to dominate the charts on a global scale. Recently, Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki announced several exciting projects, including a brand new Acoustic III tour and album.

If you've managed to catch one of the group's stops during their Common Ground tour, you know the trio always pours their heart and soul into every single performance. They've spent the past several years extensively touring and will now embark on one of their most highly anticipated tours to date!

In celebration of this monumental occasion, Above & Beyond released a special acoustic version of their chart-topping single 'Flying by Candlelight' featuring Marty Longstaff. Since its release, fans have been flocking to show their appreciation for this impeccable piece and are now counting down until the fourthcoming tour comes to a city near them.

Above & Beyond feat. Marty Longstaff - Flying by Candlelight (Acoustic): 

“We’re playing three shows in London – two intimate shows Alexandra Palace Theatre, before we return to the mighty Royal Albert Hall. From there, it’s a proper “pinch-yourself” run through concert halls across the USA and Canada: Radio City Music Hall in New York, The Kennedy Centre in D.C., two shows at The Greek LA (back to where it began in the US!) and a very, very special finale at Red Rocks Amphitheatre accompanied by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.”

In true Above & Beyond fashion, they will return to their iconic acoustic setup, with stops across both North America and London (their native land). Although the official setlist has not been confirmed, fans are hoping to hear the acoustic versions of the contents of the Common Ground album and other hits from the group that have yet to be reworked into masterpieces.

The hardworking musicians documented their efforts during their last acoustic tour in 2019 via their docu-film Giving Up The Day Job. The film was centered around their legendary performance at the Hollywood Bowl. The film incorporates most of their hits, including 'Sun & Moon' and 'A Thing Called Love' as well as jaw-dropping moments when vocalists join the group on stage.

If the guarantee to witness history unfold wasn't enough to convince you to attend, perhaps this might...Above & Beyond partnered with One Tree Planted, an organization who supports "the movement to decarbonise the music industry," and will "further support the band's efforts to lessen the impact of touring on the environment,". With every ticket sold, one dollar will be donated to plant trees across the globe.

One Tree Planted Partnership: 

Pre-sale tickets will be available for purchase on Tuesday, February 11, 2020. Don't sleep on this - it's already the talk of the town, you won't want to miss the magic unfold. Pre-orders for the Acoustic III vinyl and CD are now available too. The album is set to be released this summer. This all sounds like one hell of a Valentine's day gift, if you ask us. Will you be attending? 


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